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Post by Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2016 5:28 pm

RapeRusher joined clan on 12/04/2016
Kingo joined clan on 13/04/2016
ReactionZ joined clan on 13/04/2016
ReactioZ got kicked from clan on 14/04/2016
Emily joined clan on 14/04/2016
PinkFloid joined clan on 15/04/2016
Pedro joined clan on 15/04/2016
Blackilerado joined clan on 16/04/2016
Smil3y joined clan on 16/04/2016
Pedro got kicked from clan on 17/04/2016
Silbastan left clan or his account hacked on 18/04/2016
HardShady97 joined clan on 21/04/2016
xWizkid joined clan on 23/04/2016
Darkhunter joined clan on 23/04/2016
Daviking joined clan on 24/04/2016
Wouter joined clan on 24/04/2016
HardShady97 left and kicked from clan forever on 25/04/2016
Daviking left clan on 25/04/2016
Freezer joined clan on 27/04/2016
MarkPro joined clan on 3/05/2016
Some members got removed from clan for inactivity.
Forum updated on 22/5/2016
LeFayettyi/NxT9Slayer joined clan on 25/05/2016
Anno retired on 27/05/2016
Blackilerado left clan on 1/06/2016

* HardShady97
* ReactionZ
* Edgar

Whats your real name? :-
Whats your IGN[ingamename] :-
In which country do you live? :-
Whats your age? :-
Whats your previous clans and why did you left?
Are you a loyal or trustworthy? :-
Whats your facebook[ compulsary] :-
Are you skilly enough to join? :-
Can you swear to your God or Mom, you'll not join to take revenge with clan?
What you are expecting from clan?:-
What we can expect from you?:-



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